Facade repairs

Window washing

Height works


Montage and demontage of gutters

Montage of advertising tarpaulins

Demontage of advertising tarpaulins

Silo painting with anticorrosion coating

Painting of concrete facades

Montage and demontage of various constructions :

- Neon signs

- Bird nettings

- Lightning rods and lightning strips

-  Air-conditioners and freon refill

- Painting antenna masts

- Silicon processing on glass and metal

Silo cleaning

Aluminum and composite facades washing

Felling of trees depending on the proximity of buildings and electrical cables (tenants require a permission)

Insulation of facades-alpine style, without scaffolding

Diving works (montage, demontage)

Creating structures for advertisements on roads and roofs

Setting up a safety net on old facades

Setting up heaters for gutters

Painting works at all heights

Metal works and electrical welding

Setting up a safety nets for landslides on the road

Snow and icicle removal from roofs